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The OCPG Observatory explores the world of youth in Campania by listening, collecting and monitoring activities and cultural expressions.

The main focus is on the rich and vibrant participatory forms, both artistic and linguistic, that arise, are experimented and mature in younger generations. The Observatory's activities are developed through the exploration, collection and documentation of cultural youth realities across Campania (dynamic archive), the theoretical and empirical study (research), the implementation of projects and initiatives with the contribution of and support for youth activism and planning (action-research, events, productions).

The attention focused on the youth world includes the social, political and institutional contexts of reference. Listening the young players goes together with the analysis of the different points of view of the actors in the field of youth interest and of policies planned and activated within the various territorial, local, provincial and regional levels.

The OCPG is part of the Regional Observatory on Youth Condition established by the Youth Department and the Regional Youth Forum of the Campania Region and ruled by the Department of Political, Social and Communications Sciences.