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Action - Research

Within the active role of agent of cultural, social and economic development, the observatory operates as a connection body between the world of research and public as well as private actors that deal with youth. In collaboration with government actors, local authorities, universities, educational and cultural institutions, youth groups, associations and organizations non-profit, and private individuals, the center contributes to the activation of networks for the development of projects in the interests of young people. In this regard, it promotes inter-institutional agreements and partnerships, in a perspective of growth through the exchange of knowledge and multi-actor cooperation. The main project sectors cover the areas of participation, active citizenship, social innovation and creativity and art forms.

The OCPG develops the plan of research-action with specific and cross interventions on territories, both according to local needs and characterizations and by subject areas.
Within these areas, young people are an active part in the creation of laboratories, workshops, activities, events, productions, etc. The research-action interventions take concrete nature and ad hoc defined objectives in relation to the results of research activities carried out. Research and lines of action follow and pursue paths aimed at the discovery of actors, activities and projects in the area of Campania. The Observatory designs and implements interventions in order to foster listening, confrontation, communication, participation and cultural expression of young people.

 An observatory on young people, for young people, along with young people